Using Video Marketing To Get Sales Online

It’s no secret that video content is really popular online right now.

Just look at your Facebook feed, and you’ll see it filling up with videos. Or take a look at YouTube, where an hour of video is uploaded to the site every second of the day.

Of course a lot of these videos are about funny cats and all those other topics we love to pass around to our friends. But take a closer look, and you’ll find that many of the videos you enjoy — including those funny animal videos – are actually promotional videos.

See those links at the end?

Yep, that’s because the video wasn’t created solely for your entertainment.

It was created because the video marketer wanted you to take some specific action when you finished watching the video.

Here’s the good news…

Video marketing is no longer reserved for those with five-figure production budgets or their own in-home video studios. Chances are, you have almost everything you need to start putting video marketing to work for you.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find out how to do in crash course in video marketing. Over the next several lessons you’ll discover:

• How to choose a product to promote.
• The best format to use to engage viewers.
• How to craft a compelling call to action that gets you plenty of clicks.
• How to distribute your video to rack up a ton of views.

And much more. By the time you’ve consumed all these lessons, you’ll be ready to roll out your own promotional video!

Now, there are plenty of ways you can use video marketing to grow your business. Examples include:

• Growing your list. You can offer a free “how to” video that is useful yet incomplete. Then you’d present a link at the end of the video to your lead page, where viewers can get more information by joining your mailing list.

• Driving traffic to your site. The idea here is to create a viral video, such as something entertaining, humorous, inspirational or even controversial to drive traffic back to your site, to your Facebook Fan Page or anywhere else.

• Building your brand. A series of highly useful informational videos work well to build your brand, or you can build brand recognition with a well-done viral video that gets hundreds of thousands or even millions of views.

• Selling products or services. You can sell your own products and services as well as affiliate products or services.

The key to good video marketing is to know your goal before you start creating a video. For the purposes of this blog post, we’re going to focus on how to create videos that presell products and services.

Naturally, the next step is for you to choose what you’re going to promote in the video.

Take a few minutes today to create a list of products or services you’d like to promote.

There is a key to this step that will make or break your video.

What is that key?

The key to picking a good product to promote: you need to choose something that your market is ALREADY buying!

To figure this out, just visit online marketplaces such as, and to uncover the bestselling products in your niche.

For example, if you go to any of those sites and enter a general keyword such as “weight loss,” you’ll likely find that there are several products created for:

• People who want great abs.
• People who want to lose weight using a low-carb diet.

Not only are there info products on these topics, but you’ll also find physical products to promote such as exercise equipment and diet supplements.

Point is, the easiest way to sell a product is by choosing something that your market is already buying.

Of course you shouldn’t just nab the first popular product you see and start promoting it. You still need to do your due diligence. This means you should read, watch or otherwise use the product. If this is a product you’d be proud to recommend to your mom or your best friend, then it’s a good choice for promoting to your prospects too.

Secondly, you’ll want to run through the sales process to be sure there aren’t any commission leaks. Check for the following:

• See if there is a well-written, persuasive sales page.
• Be sure you get credit for all payment options on the page.
• Check that you get credit for the sale if the customer chooses upsell options.
• Look for commission leaks, such as unnecessary links on a sales page (such as links to other offers for which you won’t get credit).

You’ll also want to make a stop at and run the product name and the product creator’s name through a search. What you’re looking for is any evidence of problems, such as a vendor with poor customer service, one who doesn’t pay affiliate commissions, or one who doesn’t honor refunds.

As you can see, many affiliates are making money by promoting CB Passive Income.

Once you’ve completed the steps mentioned above, then you should have a product in your hands that possesses these characteristics:

• High quality product that solves a problem.
• In-demand product that your market is willing and eager to buy.
• High-converting sales page.

Go ahead and complete these steps as soon as possible so that you have a product to promote to make some extra income. 🙂

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