The 40 Info-Product Ideas Swipe File – Part 2

This is the part 2 of the Your 61 Info-Product Ideas Swipe File we’ve posted earlier.

For Part 2, we’ll be covering the swipe files for the niches of Hobbies and Relationship.

Because it’s a continuity, we’ll keep the numbering as 62 onwards (Part 1 ends at 61).



There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of hobbies. That’s why in this section you’ll find generic titles – all you have to do is swap in a specific type of hobby, such as fishing, scrapbooking, golfing, making jewelry, mountain biking, restoring classic cars, etc. Take a look…

62. For Fun and Profit: How to Make Extra Money With Your Hobby

This could be a general product, or you can nichify it to show people how to make money with making candles, painting pictures, making mittens or various other crafts and products.

63. 3 Surprising Ways to Get Your Expensive Hobby Funded for Free

Some hobbies are expensive, such as restoring cars. You can teach people how to get the money they need to pursue their interests.

64. The Secrets for Mastering Your Hobby

This is aimed at people who are at an intermediate to advanced level, such as golfers who want to take another stroke or two off their game.

65. Do What You Love: Finding Time to Enjoy Your Hobby

Another common problem for folks is that they don’t have enough time to pursue their hobby. This product helps them free up time.

66. Hobby Hut Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide for Building a Shed for Your Hobby

Depending on what type of hobby you’re targeting, people may want to build a shed where they can pursue this hobby. Examples include motorcycle restoration, raising chickens or doing crafts like making stained glass.

67. The Beginner’s Guide to Hobby Bliss

People who are just starting out with a hobby tend to read everything they can get their hands on. As always, this product should be targeted towards a specific type of hobby, such as mountain biking or scrapbooking.

68. How to Start a Local Hobby Group

The idea here is to show people how to start “meet up” groups centered around specific hobbies. Examples include rock hounding groups, spirituality groups or coin collecting groups.

69. The Advanced Hobbyist’s Guide to Conquering Your Hobby

This style of title works particularly well for hobbies requiring some sort of athletic endurance. Examples including conquering an ultra marathon or hiking the Appalachian Trail.

70. Hobby Power: How Your Hobby Reduces Stress and Improves Your Health

Sometimes people feel a little guilty for the time and money they spend pursuing their hobby, especially if a spouse or family member complains about it. This product is aimed at making them feel better about their hobby.

71. How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Side Business

Here’s another product showing people how to make money with their hobby. For example, an experienced bayonet collector can make money identifying rare bayonets for others.

72. The Complete Book to Getting More Out of Your Favorite Hobby

Here’s a general product that would touch on all aspects of a hobby. For example, a book about camping would make product recommendations for camping supplies, describe little-known camping spots, and go over safety issues.

73. How to Turn Your Hobby Into Cash Using Etsy

Here’s a specific product aimed at teaching people how to sell crafts and other handmade goods on Etsy. Selling on Etsy is fairly popular right now, and it’s likely to continue trending upwards.

74. The Hobbyists’ Bible for More Fun and Profit

Here’s another overview book of a specific hobby which also tells people how to make money with the hobby. Generally this is aimed at beginner to intermediate hobbyists.

75. 77 Nifty Hobby Tricks for Getting Better at Your Hobby

Here’s a product aimed at those who have a hobby that requires some skill, such as golfing, making jewelry or writing poetry.

76. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Hobby

Ever noticed how popular the “Idiot’s Guides” are for specific hobbies? This book would offer the same sort of general overview of a hobby for beginners. For example, a golf book would include everything from buying clubs to developing the proper grip to drives to putting… and everything else.

77. 101 Secrets Every Hobbyist Ought to Know

This title is alluring because it promises to reveal secrets. Again, you’ll target this towards a specific hobby, such as bodybuilding, ice fishing or flower gardening.

78. Burned Out: What to do When Your Hobbies Don’t Seem Fun Anymore

Sometimes people invest a lot of time and money into a hobby, and then they have a lot of expensive equipment sitting around (like a partially restored car) and no motivation to finish it. This product tackles that problem.

79. 31 Days to a Better Hobby

Here’s another product that works particularly well if the hobby requires some skill. For example: “31 Days to a Becoming a Better Bowler.”

80. Your Hobby Made Easy

People love taking shortcuts, which is why this type of product is so alluring. Example, “Jewelry Making Made Easy.”

81. The Hidden Health Benefits of Your Hobby

This product is aimed at athletic type hobbies, such as hiking, skating, running, or skiing. Your product can even discuss how people can do their hobby in specific ways to get even more health benefits. For example, your product might explain how to turn an afternoon of hiking into a high intensity interval training session.



People who don’t relate well to others have problems with their children, spouse, friends, family, coworkers and others. Here are 20 ideas for helping people form better relationships…

82. Marriage Mastermind: How to Work With Your Spouse to Create a Stronger, Happier and More Loving Marriage

You can position this product as the alternative to couple’s therapy. You can also nichify it, such as by targeting it to Christian couples, young couples, or some other demographic.

83. Capable Communication: A Beginner’s Guide to Conflict Resolution

Some people have problems with others because they communicate in condescending, blaming, or otherwise ineffective ways. This product solves that problem and helps people build better relationships.

84. Soul Mate Hunter: The Art and Science of Finding the Love of Your Life

A lot of people don’t just want to find love – they want to find their soul mate. That key phrase is what makes this particular product idea so effective.

85. Best Frenemies Forever: 77 Warnings Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Toxic or abusive relationships don’t just happen between married couples. A lot of people are finding themselves in toxic relationships with their friends and relatives, too. This product could help them spot the warning signs.

86. 7 Communication Tactics for Dealing With Belligerent Bosses and Co-Workers

Here’s a product idea that’s specifically geared towards those who need to deal with toxic relationships at work. People who find themselves in this position often don’t feel like they can walk away from their job, so they need tools and tactics for creating a better working environment.

87. How Reflective Listening Can Strengthen All Your Relationships

Here’s a product idea that focuses on just one part of communication. You could create a series, with each product focusing on a different component of communication (e.g., “How Showing Compassion Can Strengthen All Your Relationships”).

88. Talking Teenagers: The Loving Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Kids to Open Up

Parents everywhere have communication problems with their kids. Your product could help them solve this problem. Bonus tip: you may consider co-creating this product with a licensed counselor to lend more credibility to your product.

89. The Newlywed’s Guide to Creating a Loving Marriage that Lasts a Lifetime

Many newlywed’s are eager to keep their vows, but also aware of the divorce rates. This is the kind of product you can sell alongside wedding planner books and supplies.

90. Covert Affairs: How to Recognize and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse

Some people find themselves supremely unhappy, depressed and anxious within their relationships, but they’re not sure why. It may be because of covert emotional abuse, and your product can help them recognize these unhealthy relationships.

91. Improve Your Emotional Intelligence, Improve Your Life

Emotional intelligence, or EQ as it’s sometimes called, is a popular topic as people use it to improve their work relationships, friendships and romantic relationships.

92. Personality Profiles: The Secrets of Understanding People

Here’s a good product idea aimed at people who have relationship problems, or for people who just enjoy developing better relationships.

93. Beyond Facebook: Building Deep, Fulfilling Bonds With Your Friends

The younger generation tends to have a lot of “friends” on social media. This product can show them how to go beyond those sorts of superficial friendships and develop deep bonds.

94. Learning to Love Again: Rebuilding Trust After a Betrayal

Have you ever heard someone say they’re not interested in finding a romantic partner because they’ve been hurt in the past? I bet you know at least one person who’s said this. There are lots of people who feel this way, which is why it’s a fairly big market.

95. Family Circus: The Sane Person’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays With Your Nutty Family

Some people live on the other side of the country from their blood relatives, but they tend to meet up (sometimes with disastrous results) at the holidays. This product addresses that common problem.

96. The Power of Empathy to Create More Loving Relationships

You can nichify this product by aiming it at a specific group, such as those who want to develop better relationships with their spouse, children or even their coworkers.

97. Sharks in the Water: Recognizing the 37 Manipulation Tactics Other People Are Using to Covertly Control You

This title is seductive because no one likes to think others are taking advantage of them or controlling them.

98. Family First: What Smart Parents Know About Raising Loving, Happy Children

Parents worry about “messing up” their children, which is what makes this another enduringly popular topic.

99. Great Expectations: Building Better Relationships Through the Power of Unconditional Love and Acceptance

This product could be nichified to specific types of relationships, such as parent-child relationships, friendships, or romantic relationships.

100. The Art and Science of Compromising With Coworkers, Friends and Family

Some people always find themselves “butting heads” with others. This sort of product solves that problem and helps people develop better relationships.

101. Nonverbal Communication Cues: How to Read Other People’s Minds by Learning to Read Their Bodies

Here’s another somewhat seductive title, because people are attracted to the idea of reading other people’s minds. Take a quick check on Google, and you’ll also find that nonverbal communication is a popular topic, especially with regards to dating.



So there you have it – 101 ideas for your next infoproduct!

Of course as mentioned in Part 1, you should easily be able to spin these 101 ideas into several hundred other ideas. Just mix and match product ideas across different categories, or nichify each idea to create an almost endless supply of ideas.

So what I suggest you do next is take out a fresh piece of paper or open a new text document, and use this report to brainstorm at least a few dozen product ideas in a specific niche.

Warning: don’t let those ideas just sit there and gather dust.

As soon as you’re done brainstorming, pick one of the ideas and start taking action on it right away. Because the sooner you do that, the sooner you’ll be turning your ideas into cash in the bank!

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