The #1 Reason People Fail In The Affiliate Marketing Business

Today you are going to build the fundamental message that your affiliate business splits off.
Do this correctly, you can change the world.
No BS.
Do this incorrectly, and you’ll be another ho hum Joe Schmoe who’s out of business in no time.
The number one reason people fail in the IM/affiliate marketing business (and biz in general) is because…
They don’t look at it like its a business.
They look at it as if it is some type mythical fairy land where unicorns roam and basic marketing and business principles do not exist. Not the case. Remember why we exist…
To solve somebody’s problem. That’s it.
Let’s talk about how we solve it.
You may have heard the term Unique Selling Proposition or USP. Ring a bell?
All a USP is…
Is the answer to this question.
Why am I going to do business with you over your competitors? You can also look at it like this: “What EXACTLY does my business do?” You need to really get specific. That’s it.
It’s very important your business stands out and separates itself from the crowd. By having a great USP it allows you to compete directly in a crowded space. If you position yourself properly it allows you to completely rid yourself of the competition. Our USP “comes out” and is executed in our marketing funnel.
Just because you may not be selling your own product doesn’t mean you don’t need a USP.
This is the problem I see with affiliate marketing today.
Most people look at an affiliate as somebody who just drives traffic to a vendors offer. This is BS. Make a paradigm shift and look at the vendor as somebody who can help your clients get to where they need to be. They’re your clients. You’re their fiduciary. You simple LET the vendors and product owners act as a solution for YOUR clients/prospects.
This is why affiliate marketing is a dream.
You have the flexibility to serve people in an incredible way. You’re not held down by a product or service that has this flaw or that flaw. You are free to mix and match solutions to get your prospect the absolute best end result. Everyone else exists to help you help your prospects.
Let me give you an example…
Let’s say you operate in the trading niche. you can promote a generic high ticket course. You can have multiple different funnels in place. One is for brand new traders, one is for intraday stock traders, one is for experienced traders, one is for swing traders, one is for commodities/futures traders and so on and so forth. Each one of these businesses promotes the high ticket item as the end result to achieving their goal.
Keep in mind that you’re able to do this if the end product is really incredible. Each business is similar (because certain basic principles apply across the spectrum), but each has its own USP!
One of the best USPs of all time was Dominos Pizza when they rolled out last century. It was: “Fresh, Hot Pizza Delivered To Your Door In 30 Minutes Or Less – Or It’s Free”. Notice how nothing was said about the taste? Or the quality? Or the ingredients being imported from the old country? Non existent. It’s a very simple USP, but it’s brutally effective.
People know exactly what they are getting into and what to expect. Dominos isn’t competing with the artisan high end pizza at the Italian restaurant down the road. They’re not competing with the New York style local pizzeria. It’s very simple, you’re going to get hot pizza to your door in less than 30 minutes. Simple and concise. To the point. Clear as day.
You have to figure out your USP so you can differentiate yourself from all the competition. Problem with new internet marketers is that they have a hard time just getting all the tech stuff worked out. Once they throw an offer or some copy on a page they think they’re going to become overnight millionaires. They haven’t done all of the ground work like you are doing now.
It’s the difference between success and failure.
If that new guy even gets his stuff online in the first place, his mindset is very fragile at this point. If he doesn’t create any revenue he’ll quit right away. In closing, ask yourself – “Why are people going to do business with me?” What makes you unique?
Look at the competition. Look at your target market. And decide how you want to skin this cat. Watch your inbox like a hawk.
This is what makes you makes you different from other affiliate marketers.


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