How To Use YouTube To Promote Affiliate Programs

You’ve seen a bunch of videos in YouTube “talking” about products, right?

Well, most of them are affiliate marketers.

Some are making as little as $500 per month while some could be raking thousands of dollars each month!

They make money by recommending products and they use YouTube to get traffic for free.

Of course, there are proper approaches and strategies to do it correctly. 🙂

These 8 parts video training will teach you…

Video 1 – Why use YouTube to promote affiliate products

Video 2 – Affiliate Networks and Programs for any product

Video 3 – How not to get your Amazon affiliate account closed down

Video 4 – Promoting physical products

Video 5 – Promoting digital products

Video 6 – Disclosing your affiliate relationship

Video 7 – How to use your videos to build a list

Video 8 – How to create attention-grabbing thumb nails for more clicks and views

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