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3 Grand Insights for 2019

WOW, it’s 2019 now! 🙂

So this is going to be the first post of the year.

Here are some insights that I have for 2019 to thrive. It’s based on my own experience with starting several online businesses this year and also, my observations of many customers that I have…

Why We Cannot Focus

Because we do not know what we want? So whatever things appear in front of us and seemed to be good, we got attracted.

Here’s the thing – You won’t be able to focus until you know what’s your business.

And “knowing” your business has several forms too. From understanding the model to generate income… to knowing your market well enough.

This is my model:

Then you need will to choose WHAT TYPE of online business you’re going to be focusing on for 2019.

The Only Race Is Your Own Damn Race

So we all know that we need to stay focus on our outcome, right?

The outcome that we want to achieve, based on the actions we’ll be taking.

Well, an outcome can also be interpreted as a GOAL.

Do not compete with others. The only competition is your own competition.

Nobody’s racing with you, bucko.

You can be as slow as you want, or as fast as you want.

You’re being stupid if you believe those fake marketers who are telling you about how much money they’re making, with all of their fake testimonials.

If you believe them (or read too much stuff on Facebook), you feel you’re so behind the race because others seem to be going so “fast”.

Once you have your own competition, you’ll know what it takes to win. And with that mindset, you won’t be wasting your time anymore.

The next thing is, when you’re “racing” in your game, since you’re not competing, focus on dominating. HOW CAN YOU DOMINATE YOUR MARKET – or even, create your own “market”.

The Best Business Model Is Digital

I know – this statement is biased because I teach this.

But I’m adding this because this post is about my insight for 2019.

If you ask me, digital product business is much better than physical eCommerce.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I don’t say physical eCommerce is bad, I’m just saying that digital product business is BETTER.

For argument’s sake:

There are many marketers who teach about how to make money from physical eCommerce, right?

I can guarantee you that 99% of them makes more money from their DIGITAL PRODUCT BUSINESS (which is the coaching, courses, software, etc that they’re selling to you) than their physical eCommerce business.

I doubt you’ll ever find a guy or gal who makes more money from their physical eCommerce business than their digital product business. They could have huge revenues in physical eCom, but that may not be the profit (because there are a lot of cost with physical eCommerce).

But it doesn’t mean they do not have integrity. Not at all, we should thank them for willing to teach.

For me, I know my direction for 2019 – it’s digital product business.

It’s the business that I can scale.

Here’s the stats of one of our memberships in ClickBank that we just launch in October 2018…

It’s almost $70K /month, excluding affiliate marketing, other programs, etc.

The goal is to scale it to 100K/month for this one membership business.

The best part is…

I don’t have any “real” cost like physical eCommerce and no need to deal with fulfillment (yeah, I get it – there’s fulfillment centers, dropships, etc but digital’s fulfillment is truly AUTOMATED from A to Z).

Heck, some people make 7 figures income with just affiliate marketing, selling digital products.

All the best for 2019!

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How I Started – What I Can Teach You

I was having a vacation in Bali with my family… that experience motivated me to record this video posted here.

Because it made me remembered why I started the internet marketing business and it may also be the same reason many of my students ventured into it today.

Find out…

  • What was the first webpage I’ve created and how I made money with it
  • How I launched an eBook about dog training and sold over 500 copies back in 2004
  • What is the REAL SECRET to get money to “come to you”
  • And many more…

Enjoy the video…


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Digital Nomad – 3 Ways of Making Money Online

I’ve just put up this brand new training, regarding my perspective of being a digital nomad as an internet marketer. In the training, I’m sharing 3 ways how you can make money online while pursuing “digital nomad”.

Also, if you like the video, please leave your comment or LIKE it? ?

In the training, I’ve mentioned about using affiliate marketing to generate income as a “digital nomad”. If affiliate marketing is new to you, don’t worry, I have you covered. ? You can attend my next webclass training for free – just click the button below to secure your seat for free.

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Who Stole Your Dream?

Recently, I saw a friend of mine posted a picture of himself at Facebook — the picture of him when he was young.

I remembered him. Of course, I do — after all, he was my buddy where we used to talk about our big dreams and hopes when we step into the adventurous working world one day.

It was just like yesterday; it’s still fresh in my memory where we were both gazing on an ad of a sports car in a magazine (I think it was FHM magazine).

I can recalled he saying this, “I’m going to drive that when I grow up.” I know he will because he is driven.

Years gone by and we lost touch. Life takes us on different paths.

Today, we’re not kids anymore, but adults.

But when I saw his young picture yesterday in Facebook, it just brought me to memory lane…

Today, he’s not working as a wildlife explorer like he ambitioned to be and is driving a normal car.

Yeah, I know – wildlife explorer and a sports car doesn’t seem to gel well but hey, it’s his dream at that time.

He’s an accountant today. Don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with being an accountant. It’s a good job. But I don’t think he ever get into the “wildlife” dream at all. The closest is probably visiting zoos and I honestly doubt he has visited any that’s significant.

Somehow, along the way, his dreams were ROBBED.

The ugliest truth is, he’s being “robbed in daylight” and he didn’t even realize it.

Look at the car you’re driving today.

Look at your job today.

May I ask you – are they part of your original plan when you were growing up?

I know this is a sensitive question. I hope you understand the purpose of me asking you; it’s not to be impolite but sometimes… we want to know where we are at.

Because your dreams have been outright stolen.

2 “people” have stolen it from you:

1. Others who don’t want you to succeed because it’s either they don’t have your capability or they are too lazy to work for their own dreams. Because they can’t (or too lazy), they would prefer having “companions”.

So they stole your dreams by selling their dreams to you – and you somehow bought it along the way.

In the beginning, you didn’t buy. But because there are SO MANY of them selling to you the same “ideal” dream, probably due to less strong willpower that you may have at that stage, you lost.

You just can’t fight it. Fighting seems futile WHEN you’re fighting it alone.

2. Those who wants you to help them get rich.

If you live your dreams, then how are they going to live THEIR dreams?

So you’ve been “manipulated”… step-by-step… to buying into another dream that benefit someone else’s dream. Lopsided. Yet, you can’t see it. It’s designed for you to fail seeing it.

“Hey kid, don’t study any subject about wildlife explorer. You won’t find a job with that. Study accountancy instead – you’ll have a good future. Plenty of big corporations will hire you.”

And one thing leads to another thing…

One day you wake up, you don’t even “understand” how 10 years have just passed in a blink and how you ended up in a job that wasn’t part of your dream at all.

How that happened?

You are 40 now. Maybe 30. Or 50. I don’t know how old you are today… but can you truly comprehend the years you’ve lost?

Maybe, realistically, you cannot be a wildlife explorer. But that doesn’t mean you cannot pursue that passion… if you are not stuck in a cubicle or something in the first place.

But that passion may have been buried so deep inside, you don’t even dare to dream of it – again. Or… do you dare?

I’ll say; it’s time you reclaim your dream in 2017.

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