The 5 Steps to Internet Success

In this post, you’ll learn the basic steps to creating internet success with your very own web product and web site…
Here are the 5 steps to your internet success:
Step 1: Decide What to Sell
You need to decide is what are you going to sell or to market?
What are your interests?
Now you may be thinking, well I just want to sell something that is going to make me a lot of money.
That sounds really good right now…
But when you are working late into the night and early in the morning on your web project, you will quickly tired if you aren’t personally excited about the product you are marketing.
Choose a product area that excites you, that you can really get into selling, an area where you really believe there aren’t enough choices.
Step 2: Create your own product
First, take out a sheet of paper and write down 10 topics that you have some general knowledge about, for each of the areas of interest you have. Next, write at least 3 sub topics underneath each topic, so you will have at least 30 sub topics, or ideas.
Once you have broken all of the different subjects about which you could write, into outlines, then you must decide which will be best. Take a look at all of them.
Which appears to have more information? Which topics do you appear to have more first-hand knowledge in?
Which topics appeal to you the most?
Once you have chosen a topic, take each of the subtopics you created earlier and write out at least 5 things you can write about each of them — so you will have about 10 areas of knowledge, 30 sections of information (subtopics), and 150 individual ideas.
Now look at your list.
Do you think you can write a paragraph or two about each of the individual ideas you have marked?
Of course you can!
And if you write a full page about each individual idea, and you should be able to, you will have around 150 pages of content!
Step 3: Write Your Sales Letter
The most important parts of your sales letter are going to be all the teaser points about everything you are teaching about in your book, and the headline, which gets them to read the letter in the first place.
Take every point— yes, every point, all 150 of them, if that is how many you have, and write a ‘bullet point‘ for each one. Use words like discover, reveal, learn, how to, master, incredible, easy; for example, discover the easiest way to plant your garden ( or catch more fish, etc.)
Step 4: Create a Web Site
If you are an experienced programmer or are familiar with html, frontpage, or dream weaver, then creating your web site should be a cinch. If you are a beginner and have never built a web site before, I recommend that you start with a site-builder.
Now you are ready to upload your sales letter page that you have written, to your web site.
Simply follow the directions that come with your site-builder and you should be fine.
Step 5: Generate Visitors
So now you have a book to sell, a web page to sell it on, and now all you need is some visitors to come see your sales page. This is an area that will take some trial and error and testing before you will be extremely successful, generally speaking.
Each product and sales page tends to react differently to different sources of traffic, so testing is paramount.
Apply the 5 steps above and you will start seeing results.
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