3 Grand Insights for 2019

WOW, it’s 2019 now! 🙂

So this is going to be the first post of the year.

Here are some insights that I have for 2019 to thrive. It’s based on my own experience with starting several online businesses this year and also, my observations of many customers that I have…

Why We Cannot Focus

Because we do not know what we want? So whatever things appear in front of us and seemed to be good, we got attracted.

Here’s the thing – You won’t be able to focus until you know what’s your business.

And “knowing” your business has several forms too. From understanding the model to generate income… to knowing your market well enough.

This is my model:

Then you need will to choose WHAT TYPE of online business you’re going to be focusing on for 2019.

The Only Race Is Your Own Damn Race

So we all know that we need to stay focus on our outcome, right?

The outcome that we want to achieve, based on the actions we’ll be taking.

Well, an outcome can also be interpreted as a GOAL.

Do not compete with others. The only competition is your own competition.

Nobody’s racing with you, bucko.

You can be as slow as you want, or as fast as you want.

You’re being stupid if you believe those fake marketers who are telling you about how much money they’re making, with all of their fake testimonials.

If you believe them (or read too much stuff on Facebook), you feel you’re so behind the race because others seem to be going so “fast”.

Once you have your own competition, you’ll know what it takes to win. And with that mindset, you won’t be wasting your time anymore.

The next thing is, when you’re “racing” in your game, since you’re not competing, focus on dominating. HOW CAN YOU DOMINATE YOUR MARKET – or even, create your own “market”.

The Best Business Model Is Digital

I know – this statement is biased because I teach this.

But I’m adding this because this post is about my insight for 2019.

If you ask me, digital product business is much better than physical eCommerce.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I don’t say physical eCommerce is bad, I’m just saying that digital product business is BETTER.

For argument’s sake:

There are many marketers who teach about how to make money from physical eCommerce, right?

I can guarantee you that 99% of them makes more money from their DIGITAL PRODUCT BUSINESS (which is the coaching, courses, software, etc that they’re selling to you) than their physical eCommerce business.

I doubt you’ll ever find a guy or gal who makes more money from their physical eCommerce business than their digital product business. They could have huge revenues in physical eCom, but that may not be the profit (because there are a lot of cost with physical eCommerce).

But it doesn’t mean they do not have integrity. Not at all, we should thank them for willing to teach.

For me, I know my direction for 2019 – it’s digital product business.

It’s the business that I can scale.

Here’s the stats of one of our memberships in ClickBank that we just launch in October 2018…

It’s almost $70K /month, excluding affiliate marketing, other programs, etc.

The goal is to scale it to 100K/month for this one membership business.

The best part is…

I don’t have any “real” cost like physical eCommerce and no need to deal with fulfillment (yeah, I get it – there’s fulfillment centers, dropships, etc but digital’s fulfillment is truly AUTOMATED from A to Z).

Heck, some people make 7 figures income with just affiliate marketing, selling digital products.

All the best for 2019!

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