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How To Sell More Of Any Affiliate Offer?

A lot of affiliates find a product they want to sell and then blast out one or two email messages about it, blog about it, and post on Facebook. Then they move onto the next product and do the same thing.
You know what?
That strategy may pull in a few sales, but you’re not going to be breaking sales records any time soon. If you want to S.E.L.L. more, then check out this step-by-step strategy:

  • Select a Product
  • Edutain Your Prospects
  • Load Your Autoresponder
  • Launch Your Series

The point is to create an autoresponder series around a specific offer.
That way, your prospects get multiple exposures to each product you’re selling, which results in more sales and bigger commission checks for you.
Let’s take a closer look at how to S.E.L.L. more of any affiliate offer.

Step 1: Select a Product

The first step is to select a good affiliate offer. You can find these offers on a site like
Now many affiliates focus on what they get out of the offer, like a high conversion rate and big commissions. Forget about all that for a moment.
Instead, look at what your customers get. Specifically, review the product to be sure it’s a good solution that you’d be proud to recommend to anyone, including your mother and your best friend. If you have any qualms about the quality of the offer, skip it and find something else.
Once you find a good product, then look at the other factors, such as the commission rate, how good the sales letter is and so on. Then select your offer and move on to the next step…

Step 2: “Edutain” Your Prospects

Now what you’re going to do is write a series of five to seven emails that focus on something related to the product. You’ll be “edutaining” your readers, which means you educate them while entertaining them with a conversational or even humorous style of writing. Each email will be part content (the educating part) and part pitch.
TIP: Each email should naturally lead your prospect to the paid product. A good way to do this is by telling your prospects what to do, but not HOW to do it. They’ll have to purchase the product to get the complete details.
Let’s suppose you’re selling a weight-loss guide. You might create a five-part series called “The Five Secrets for Rapid Weight Loss.”
Or maybe you’re selling an organic gardening product. Your series might be, “The Seven Deadliest Bugs In Your Garden – And How to Get of Them For Good.”
Figure out what your series will be about, outline each email, write it, and move on to the next step…

Step 3: Load Your Autoresponder

Now load up your messages, and set them to go out from one to three days apart from each other. You want to get your emails in front of your prospects every few days so they don’t forget about you (or the offer) in between emails.
And finally…

Step 4: Launch Your Series

Once it’s loaded, set it to go out to your existing subscribers. You can also set add these messages into your regular autoresponder series so that new subscribers will see the series. This is also a good time to drive fresh traffic to your lead page so that you can get new prospects seeing all your content.
So there you have it – a quick and easy way to S.E.L.L. more of any offer.
Now is a great time to put this proven strategy to work, so get busy selecting your product and writing your autoresponder series today!


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Are You Building These 3 Mailing Lists?

Ask any savvy marketer, and they’ll tell you that the profits lay hidden in your mailing list.
This is no secret.
But while everyone knows the money is in the list, not everyone knows you should be building multiple lists. So let me ask you…
How many lists are YOU building?
Below you’ll find the three lists you should be building at an absolute minimum.
Take a look…

The Marketing Partners List

Your affiliates and joint venture partners are some of the most valuable relationships you have in your business. After all, one really good partner can add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. So you can bet it’s worth nurturing these relationships.
Plenty of marketers make the mistake of not getting their marketing partners on a list.
They depend on third-party services, JV blogs or Facebook groups. All of those platforms are okay, but you really need to have a list too so you can reach out by email.

The Customer List

If a marketer only has one list, often it’s the customer list. That’s because this is one of your biggest assets. The easiest sale you can make is to an existing customer, so it makes good business sense to follow up with your customers via email.

The Prospect List

Here’s another popular type of list. Most marketers know to set up a lead page and capture their leads on a mailing list. But most marketers don’t segment this list.
See, here’s the thing…
You can increase your conversion rate by making offers and writing emails that directly appeal to different segments of your market.
Let me give you an example…
You set up two lead pages in the dog training market.
One offer is for an obedience training guide, while the other is for a trick training guide.
Some of your market will take the obedience guide, some will take the trick training guide, and some will take advantage of both offers.
They key here is that you segment your list by which type of guides each member of your list was interested in.
Now you can send out “how to” emails and promos for products that directly match your readers’ interests.
End result? A better relationship with your lists, fewer unsubscribes, and more sales.
The Bottom Line…
The money truly is in the list, but a smart marketer knows the key to profits is to build multiple lists.
At the very least, you should have a marketing partner list, prospect list and a customer list. You can then segment each of these lists for better conversions.
Now is a good time to start, so log into your email service provider account and start setting up your lists!
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The 6 Worst Affiliate Mistakes You Could Be Making!

You don’t have your own product yet and you want to make some money promoting affiliate products. But if you promote affiliate products via email, there is a better than even chance that you are making at least one of these mistakes and it’s costing you money. Imagine if every time you promote a product, you make more money with no more effort because you stop making these mistakes – wouldn’t that be worth exploring?

1. Promoting A Product Without Knowing Much About It

Just because other people are promoting a product doesn’t necessarily mean that you should, too. If you don’t know what it is that you’re selling, it makes sense that you’re going to do a lousy job of promoting it.
“Hey, buy this product because other people are buying it so it must be good.”
What kind of a recommendation is that? That’s why you want to either get a review copy from the merchant prior to launch, or buy the product yourself. Then spend time actually using the product. Pick out 3 to 5 things you love about it and highlight these in your promotion.
HINT: By reviewing the product prior to promoting it, you’ll discover if it’s something you want to stake your reputation on. After all, if you recommend a shoddy product, your list isn’t going to be happy and your reputation will take a hit. Promote enough shoddy products and you’ll need to change your name and build a new list.

2. Using The Same Promo Copy Everyone Else Is Using

It’s the day of the big launch and you copy and paste the same email a hundred other affiliates are sending to their lists – do you really think your readers aren’t on some of these other lists as well? When they see you’re just a cookie cutter of everyone else, they’re going to recognize your emails as junk and hit the delete button.
Even if they are interested in the product, they’re going to find someone else to purchase it from who’s already used the product and can give them the insider’s perspective on what to expect. When you write your own emails, you stand completely apart from the crowd.
While the cookie cutter emails are being ignored, yours are getting read and receiving clicks. Write your own promotional emails with your own unique personality and slant, with sincerity and belief in what you are saying, and you will outperform other affiliates with lists larger than your own.

3. Not Adding Value

Always think of what you can add to the product to produce more value. For example, you can add a product of your own as a bonus, or do a coaching call for everyone who purchases. You might start a mastermind group to help the buyers implement what they learn in the course, or even create a new product to give them as a bonus (which you can then sell to others.) Always think about how you can add value.
Many times it can be as simple as adding a 10 page report or 5 minute video on how to do something step-by-step that is called for in the product. And be sure the value you add is directly related to the product you are promoting. If the product is how to grow magnificent roses, then a report on the best places to buy rose fertilizer would be perfect, while a video on how to plant asparagus wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

4. Sending Nothing But Affiliate Offers

If you want your emails to get open and read, you’re going to want to mix a good share of content in with your promotional emails. No one likes to be sold to over and over again, yet everyone enjoys getting news, how-to’s and insider advice from a trusted friend. Be the friend, and make sure at least 2/3rds of your emails contain great info. This will build a relationship between you and your readers and also get your promo emails open and read.
* If you do not know how to build a list, we would recommend you to use this turnkey list-building system – the CB Passive Income License Program.

5. Hard Selling Instead Of Pre-Selling

As an affiliate, your job isn’t to sell the product – that’s the sales page’s job. You job is to get your readers warmed up to the idea of what the product can do for them, so that 2 things happen: First, they click the link in your email that leads to the sales page. Remember, you’re selling the click, not the product. And second, when they click that link they are interested, eager and possibly even excited to discover more.

6. Not Being Memorable

We touched on this earlier when we spoke of delivering lots of value to your list in the form of content. When you’re known for delivering value, your emails are much more likely to be opened and read. But just having great content isn’t always enough to make you stand apart from the crowd.
You also need a hook: Something that makes you memorable to your readers so that each time they see an email from you, they remember exactly who are and why they should open the email.
If you’re like most marketers, you probably assume you already stand out because you know how different you are from other marketers – but do your readers know this? From the day they join your list, you should in some way differentiate yourself. It could be by using a nickname, such as Mr. Overdeliverer. Or it could with your own brand, such as “Turbo”. If you have another profession, you can use that as your hook. One fellow I know was a school teacher and he still refers to himself that way even though it’s been years since he stepped inside a classroom. Another marketer is known as being unorthodox (to say the least) and yet another is known for his hair and his barefoot running.
These are all hooks or associations that make them stand apart in their subscriber’s minds from all the other marketers sending them emails.
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Email Marketing Lesson #1: What List Building Is?

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times, the money is in the list. And if you are an online marketer who is looking to establish a foothold in your market, while consistently building your brand and a solid relationship with your market, you’ll quickly discover that email marketing is one of the most important aspects to your online marketing.

So, what exactly is email marketing and list building?

If you are new to the idea of building massive campaigns and making money with email marketing, here is a quick overview of what it involves and how it can benefit any online business you are involved in:
With list building, you are creating squeeze pages (also referred to as opt-in pages) that offer potential subscribers with the option to join your list or newsletter, in exchange for free information such as an ebook, report, course, etc.
Each time a visitor to your squeeze page enters in their name and email address, they are added to your database, and become an active subscriber of your autoresponder. List building allows you to connect with your target audience, and helps faciliate the process of an active subscriber becoming a customer, by giving you the opportunity to direct them to specific products, exploring what your target audience is actively buying, and what kind of products or services they are likely to purchase from you.
With email marketing, you take this database compiled of verified leads who have chosen to confirm their request to join your list, and you send out a balanced campaign that features both free content, useful information and helpful resources, with paid advertisements, affiliate marketing products and promotional emails.
When it comes to setting up an email campaign, you can choose being developing a single opt-in campaign or a double opt-in one.
With single opt-in, the prospect only has to enter in their name and email address to be instantly added to your autoresponder, however with a double opt-in requirement, they must confirm their request prior to being added to your list. For the most part, professional marketers use double opt-in simply to actively verify subscription requests, and to avoid any possible problems with sending unsolicitated email, while following the CANSPAM act, which requires that potential subscribers confirm or verify their request to join a list, by clicking on an activation link sent to their email after initially signing up to an autoresponder.
This email is sent out automatically by your autoresponder service, it is not something that you need to do manually, so rest assured, setting up a double opt-in email campaign is exceptionally easy to do.
Whether you are involved in niche markets or mainstream business, building highly targeted, relevant mailing lists is a critical element in a successful campaign.
What you’re about to learn in the next few lessons, is a step-by-step blueprint for making money online as quickly and easily as possible. I’m going to show you exactly how to start from scratch and make at least $1,000 a month online without the hassle of creating, selling and supporting a product of your own. This is how I got started making money online…and if you follow these steps to the letter, you can easily build your own automatic money machine within the next 7 days.

Here’s how the system works…

1. You send highly targeted traffic to a squeeze page where they opt in to your list to get your free report (these are your leads to keep).
2. You direct your new prospects to an affiliate website and make up to 100% commissions to recoup your ad spend/effort you spent driving free traffic
3. Your autoresponder follows up automatically with multiple back-end offers for related products and services. And it all runs 100% on auto-pilot! Your main goal as an affiliate is to drive traffic to your squeeze page and convince people to opt-in to your list so you can follow up and pre-sell your prospects with quality content.
Why? Think about this… If you spend time and money to drive traffic to a merchant’s website, fewer than 5% will buy. So what happens to the 95% who don’t buy?
If you aren’t capturing your visitor’s email addresses, you’re throwing money right down the drain. If you get people to join your list first, you can sell multiple products to the same prospects and maximize your advertising efforts.
The long term profit potential of your business relies on repeat sales from the same customers. Can you see why it’s so important to capture leads?
Why continue spending money on ads, sending people to the same page and hoping for a sale, when you can get them on your list first and have more control over the conversion process? You’ve got to expose people to your message multiple times to maximize your chances of making a sale.
This will save you so much time and money you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way. Before you even think about generating traffic to your site, you need to make sure that your marketing system is in place first so you can maximize your profit from the traffic you drive to your site.

The basic components of a funnel are:

• A hot product to promote

• A squeeze page to collect leads

• A follow up system to sell for you

• And traffic…
Once you learn how to set your marketing system up correctly, you can do it over and over in any profitable niche market. The process is simple and once you understand and apply the principles outlined in this course, you’ll have your first automatic machine up and making money within a week. Stay tuned for the next lesson of Email Marketing.
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